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4–7 September, 2019

Zachary Scheuren

Zachary Scheuren

Zachary Scheuren studied film production and foreign languages before moving to Hollywood to work in the film industry. After years of working on film-title sequences, he quit the film industry to study typeface design at the University of Reading. There, he focused on the Khmer script, designing a Khmer typeface and writing a dissertation on the history of print in Cambodia. He spent the following five years working as a software engineer in London and Tokyo, doing type design in his spare time. Scheuren currently works at Monotype as a specialist on typefaces for world scripts.

ATypI Tokyo | Thursday, 5 September, 2019 | 09:10 – 09:30 | Miraikan Hall

Invisible Letters, Invisible Languages

Talk | Presented in English

If we can’t see a language, does it exist? Of course it does, but in an increasingly computerized world, many languages remain invisible. Some languages appear to have no writing system at all. Others are not necessarily accessible in the...

Presented by Zachary Scheuren