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4–7 September, 2019

Sunita Dangol

Sunita Dangol is a communications professional and Ranjana script trainer working toward the promotion and awareness of ancient scripts and one of the indigenous languages of Nepal. She is also a freelance emcee and a social activist. Her interests focus on child participation and heritage preservation.

With Ananda Kumar Maharjan,  Dangol co-founded a calligraphers collective called "Callijatra" to promote various Nepalese scripts. Callijatra has so far done over twenty-seven workshops on Ranjana script and is looking to expand its scope by involving more calligraphers and designers. Dangol is the coordinator of the Callijatra project.

ATypI Tokyo | Saturday, 7 September, 2019 | 11:40 – 12:00 | Miraikan Hall

Callijatra: Reviving Ranjana Script in Nepal

Talk | Presented in English

Ranjana script, equal parts art and culture, was discovered in the eleventh century along with an archive of more than fifty thousand manuscripts. A script indigenous to the Newar community of Nepal, Ranjana began to fade away in use and...

Presented by Ananda Kumar Maharjan, Sunita Dangol