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4–7 September, 2019

Norbert Lindenberg

Norbert Lindenberg

Norbert Lindenberg develops software internationalization solutions, currently focusing on fonts and on-screen keyboards for South-East Asian scripts. As an internationalization consultant, member of Ecma TC39, and contractor for Mozilla, he previously co-authored and edited the ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification, implemented the API in Firefox, and designed support for Unicode supplementary characters in JavaScript. Before that, he led internationalization projects at Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, General Magic, and Apple Computer.

ATypI Tokyo | Wednesday, 4 September, 2019 | 14:30 – 17:30 | Deimos

Creating fonts for Brahmic scripts

Half-Day Workshop | Presented in English

Brahmic scripts such as Devanagari, Tamil, Burmese, and Javanese have complex requirements for mapping characters into correct arrangements of glyphs, including glyph reordering, conjunct formation, mark stacking, and mark positioning. In this workshop, we’ll look at the requirements of Brahmic...

Presented by Norbert Lindenberg