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4–7 September, 2019

Dr. Jo De Baerdemaeker

Dr. Jo De Baerdemaeker is an independent Belgian typeface designer and researcher. He holds an MA in typeface design and received a PhD from the University of Reading. His interests are designing, researching, and writing about world script typefaces (particularly Tibetan, Lantsa, Mongolian, and Javanese) and multilingual typography. He is an elected board member and the ATypI Country Delegate for Belgium, and currently teaches at LUCA School of Arts (campus Sint-Lucas Gent), and at the Plantin Institute of Typography (Antwerp). In 2012, he founded Studio Type in Antwerp, and collaborates with international design agencies and type foundries.

ATypI Tokyo | Friday, 6 September, 2019 | 09:50 – 10:10 | Miraikan Hall

Ferdinand Theinhardt’s Legacy in Tibetan Typography

Talk | Presented in English

Berlin based punchcutter and typefounder Ferdinand Theinhardt (1820–1906) is usually associated with the design of early sans serif typefaces. Yet little is known of the pivotal role he played in printing works in characters for Tibetan and other writing systems...

Presented by Dr. Jo De Baerdemaeker