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このサイトは、David Jonathan Ross(@djrrb)がデザインした新しいフォントで、Roslindaleにインスパイアされた、タイポグラフィを最初に考えたフォントです。可変フォントの発売以来、Davidは素晴らしい共同編集者であり、私はここで彼の可変バージョンを使用することにワクワクしています。

PatternLab and Emulsify

I used the Emulsify project from Four Kitchens to build the design in a Drupal theme. I’ve worked quite a bit with PatternLab, and this has definitely been one of the smoother experiences. Can’t thank the Four Kitchens crew enough for this great work, and of course none of it would exist without PatternLab.

Drupal 8

I’ve been using Drupal for over 10 years, and am more convinced than ever that D8 is the best version yet. It gives me the ease of content modeling and creation paired with a more flexible theming system than anything that came before. It’s been a natural fit for this project and with design systems in general.

There’s still work to be done optimizing markup, images, and some other performance aspects. But it’s already pretty quick, and will only get better as it evolves.


Jason Pamental
ATypI Board Member