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4–7 September, 2019

Thursday, 5 September | | Miraikan Hall

Talk | Presented in English

Type1 Fonts: A Brief Biography

This talk covers the past and present support of Type1 fonts’ various software products and platforms. Type1 is an old font format introduced by Adobe; it was one of the first font formats that supported hinting. Most Type1 fonts were migrated to OpenType when that new format was introduced. But there are still Type1-font-based workflows that survive in different parts of the world. This talk discusses how different Type1-based workflows can be migrated over to contemporary font formats. Vinod Balakrishnan will explore how Type1-based print workflows and documents will be supported in future versions of Adobe products. Since Japan is one of the leading countries where Type1 fonts are still used, this talk will be very relevant for the Japanese market.