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4–7 September, 2019

Friday, 6 September | | Miraikan Hall

Talk | Presented in English

In Search of ATypI

In 2018, the ATypI Board commissioned John D. Berry to begin researching and writing the first of a series of publications on the history of the organization. The Association was launched in 1957, but there was very little in the archives about the first ten years or so of ATypI’s existence. And there are vanishingly few people left who recall the early days. To fill that gap, Berry interviewed the people with the longest ATypI memories, and went spelunking in the written record. There are many boxes of ATypI memorabilia at the University of Reading; Berry spent several days digging into them last autumn, just after the Antwerp conference. And, following up on a couple of unexpected leads, he discovered archives from both Charles Peignot and John Dreyfus, cofounders of ATypI and the association’s first and second presidents, respectively. Berry’s presentation discusses some of the process of uncovering the history of ATypI, and of the typographic world in the latter half of the twentieth century. This will serve as an introduction and a complement to the book distributed to members in Tokyo.