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4–7 September, 2019

Thursday, 5 September | | Miraikan Hall

Talk | Presented in English

Hangul Type-Design Methodology: Making Revision Fun

The process of type design is a long, arduous journey. This is especially true for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) scripts. It can be embarrassing to discover problems once a design is well underway. Sometimes it’s hard to think about fixing mistakes, even under supervision. But constant revision is an inevitable part of producing useful work, and the essence of good design. Unfortunately, many designers have a negative attitude toward revision. One of the major tasks of modern design should be to make revision fun. Korean foundry Sandoll, which prioritizes designers’ happiness, has taken a serious approach to this problem since 2017. Sandoll has developed a design process in which modification is enjoyable and has applied it to practical situations. This presentation offers a clear introduction to Sandoll’s design process, which consists of six sprints. Wujin Sim and Chorong Kim analyze 2,350 modern Hangul characters regulated by the South Korean standard, by means of extraction of frequent Jaso (i.e., an element of a character), classification of combined structures, and quantification of density. A proofreading task is also shown to identify the target for each sprint. Sandoll hopes this presentation will help designers enjoy every step of the type-design process—including revision.