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4–7 September, 2019

Friday, 6 September | | Miraikan Hall

Talk | Presented in English

Age-Related Deficits and Their Effects on Reading

Older readers are more affected by suboptimal designs of typefaces, are more easily distracted by irrelevant elements in the text, are more sensitive to low contrast between foreground and background, and have greater difficulty tuning in to a specific typeface style. With growing age often comes some level of cognitive decrease, which is associated with a decline in processing speed and a general deficit in cognitive flexibility. In addition, many elderly people suffer from some form of visual impairment. In spite of the growing number of senior citizens, and in spite of the fact that many reading-related deficits can be addressed through thoughtful typography, these issues are rarely considered in design. This presentation will show new scientific findings on the legibility of typefaces for elderly readers and will suggest ways of improving visual acuity for this target group.