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4–7 September, 2019

Wednesday, 4 September | | Io

Half-Day Workshop | Presented in English

Create OpenType-SVG Font with Adobe Illustrator and Python Script

At this workshop you will learn processes, tips, and tricks for adding an SVG table to an OpenType font using data exported from Illustrator. The processes involve some simple command-line operations that are executed in the macOS Terminal app.

The following are the workshop’s system requirements:

Apple laptop running a recent version of macOS

Adobe Illustrator app

Python 2.7

fonttools 3.0

SVG cleanup tool

I will also introduce some amazing Python scripts, such as and, along with one that will be left as a surprise.

Please bring to the workshop an OpenType font to which you’d like to add an SVG table. Font language does not matter. Latin, of course, is okay, but CJK and other languages are okay, too. If you do not have your own font, please use an open source. Adobe’s open source “Source” fonts, such as Source Sans Pro or Source Han Sans, are recommended.

You will also learn how to define a “Stylistic Set” GSUB feature that can be used to easily substitute a color (SVG) glyph for a Black & White (standard) glyph.

I enjoy explaining procedures step-by-step for designers who are not yet comfortable with font development. However, a beginner’s understanding of the SVG format and Python scripts will help to make the workshop a more pleasant and rewarding experience.