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4–7 September, 2019

Wednesday, 4 September | | Deimos

Half-Day Workshop | Presented in English

Business fundamentals for startup foundries

Have you recently started, or are you thinking about starting, a foundry, but are hesitant about the “business side” of it? This workshop aims to provide a safe space to learn and share information about business fundamentals, without the risk of turning into a salesperson. It is about discovering what are you offering, or plan to offer, and how to communicate it in a way that resonates with the public, and that gives you a better opportunity in the industry. This half-day session will introduce key business concepts such as: what a startup is, why it is different from a small business, and how type foundries can begin their journey as a startup. It will address the need to assess the market, which will give your foundry a better opportunity to prepare and differentiate itself. If you are eager to spark the conversation about the type business, and to walk out with a better understanding of your business offering, please join the workshop, we will be waiting for you!