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4–7 September, 2019

Wednesday, 4 September | | Neptune

Full-Day Workshop | Presented in English

ᄀ to ᄒ: An Intro to Hangul Design

Do you sometimes dream of ᄒ, or find yourself staring a little too long at a wayward ᄅ? Have you wanted to try your hand at designing Hangul, but have no idea where or how to start? Then this is the workshop for you! During this session, we will dive headfirst into the fascinating world of Korean type, both historical and modern. You’ll learn about the rules that govern Hangul (and which ones you can break!) and try your hand at your own Hangul letters, creating several lettering pieces. With lots of examples to look at, one-on-one instruction, and critique, you will come away with everything you need to start your own journey toward Hangul mastery. Materials will be provided, but if you have favorite drawing or sketching tools, feel free to bring them! If you’d like to digitize your work, please bring a laptop.